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Our experience and knowledge allow developing technologies and making independently basic necessary equipment. We conducted Research and Experimental work of the First Stage - creation of predictablely functioning  experimental equipment  and an experimental product of predictable quality.

We have developed our own technology allowing us to predict, produce and supervise a chemical compound of purity 5N+ and above. The basic necessary equipment for our technology was designed and made by ourselves or according to our specifications and drafts.

Result is the technology which allows to receive copper of the highest quality. We have received steady guaranteed results and have produced experimental product of the highest quality

Super Pure Oxygen-Free Copper  
in ingots.
We study, design, fabricate, collect, test, correct, make.

The received experimental ingots are close to cylinder
  • diameter of 85-95 mm
  • height/length of 100-150 mm (typical 120-130 mm).
Sibneotech is producer of highly pure oxygen-free copper.
Copper is available in purities from 99.999+% to 99.9999+%.
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