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Chemical  purity

Purity of copper is defined by the contents of the basic substance and expressed in percentages defined as a difference between 100 % and the sum of supervised impurities.

Supervised impurities - the list of elements are measured in the sample for definition of purity.

The RESULT of the measurement may vary depending on the analysis methods, equipment and qualifications. Purity does not change.

Supervised impurities can be defined by various standards or specifications. As a rule, it is necessary to define not only the list of controlled elements, but also their limiting contents. Various elements differently influence characteristics of copper. That is, it is important not only the sum of impurity, but also their "portrait" (how many and what element).

Chemical purity and compound are indicated according to  the most known standards are GOST 859-2001 (Russia), ASTM B170 (USA).
Analysis of our Copper requires very good preparation of equipment appropriate to this level of purity, in super-quality and super-pure materials and instruments (chemical substances, cutters and other work tools) for preparation of the copper sample for analysis and  the highest qualification level of the laboratory personnel. According to GOST 859-2001ASTM B170:
Grade  \
Trace Impurities
Cu + Ag:
Cu + 0:
Cu + Ag:
Cu + 0:
New (2018)
5N2 - 5N3
5N2 - 5N3
5N4 - 5N5
5N7 - 7N+
5N7 - 7N+
6N- 7N+
Basic    |    Fe  <  0.5-0.7 ppm
5N - 5N3
5N2 - 5N3
5N2 - 5N5
5N5 - 6N+
5N6 - 6N+
5N6 - 6N+
Basic+Ag   |   Ag  <  5 ppm
LMS+AES (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) are limited by methods and the equipment: excluding Fe and Ag, all impurities are always is Detection Limit of methods and the equipment, including metals and metalloids not entering into  ASTM B170 (limits are <0.08 - <0.2 depending on an element). Oxygen is measured and counted "< 2 ppm" as LMS Detection Limit of the current equipment. In reality, oxygen can be <0.05 - <0.1 - <1ppm.  Our technology is able to make it. It is necessary to find and use the equipment  capable of  such measuring.  Needed  Detection Limit  is <0.01ppm. SSMS+GDMS have deeper limits of detection, but has complexities with measurement of oxygen, sulfur and with measuring exactly sometimes of some other impurities like they are in a reality. Quality of a product demands very high level of a laboratory and the suitable methods. Limits " <x - <0.00x " were subtracted from 100 % at calculation of purity as corresponding quantity of impurities.
Sometimes some elements are not considered at definition of purity and/or calculation of purity is not correctly spent, and such Cu can be presented  as 5N-6N and above. Probably, in some tasks is admissible to not consider some elements, but these moments should be distinguished. Cu 5N-9N measured under the reduced list of elements or with dodges of calculation  can have characteristics worse than even 3N5 according ASTM B170.
Wishes of the customer to additional restrictions of impurities besides our specified current standards can be considered, if it is possible to fulfil it.  Own technology, an opportunity of achievement of the specified parameters.
Information about Cu 5-9N :                 
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Copper is available in purities from 99.999+% to 99.9999+%.
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