Special materials
Our experience and knowledge allow developing technologies and making independently basic necessary equipment
LLC " Sibneotech" was founded in December, 2009. Our company has great interest in creation of products with unique or difficultly achievable characteristics.
The scientific and technical block of our company is human talent with education in the field of chemistry, physics and mathematics from well respected and World recognized Russian universities - Novosibirsk State University, and Novosibirsk State Technical University (former Novosibirsk Electrotechnical Institute).
Extensive and profound knowledge,  unique practical versatile experience, systems analysis and creative scientific approach allow to consider and often non-standardly solve problems in which a decision initially unevidently.
THE CURRENT PROJECT   -   OXYGEN-FREE COPPER  99.999+% - 99.9999+%
We conducted Research and Experimental work of the First Stage - creation of predictablely functioning  experimental equipment  and an experimental product of predictable quality:

We analysed existing technologies: an essence of technology and its detail, possible achievable purity of a product, complexity of management of process, opportunities of manufacturing of the equipment, including to do it independently, availability of materials, etc. 
  We conducted the analysis of the received data and defined a perspective way, rough parameters of process and quality of a product.
We designed and produced the equipment, conducted tests and updating of parameters of technology and the equipment, etc.

Result was the technology which allows to receive copper of the highest quality. We operate  experimental  production  of  Super pure Oxygen-Free copper  in ingots  and  use unique equipment made by us or according to our drafts and requirements specification.
We study, design, fabricate, collect, test, correct, make.
Our interests are not limited only to specially pure and super pure materials. In some other questions we have reached essential depth of research and description of problems and decisions.

We invite to cooperation.
Sibneotech is producer of highly pure oxygen-free copper.
Copper is available in purities from 99.999+% to 99.9999+%.
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