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High-pure oxygen-free copper of standard marks has the highest characteristics among classical marks of copper (99.0-99.99% according to GOST 859-2001, ASTM B170). Simple explanation is higher requests to copper in a number of use areas and accordingly to structure of impurity. The basic marks and characteristics of High-pure oxygen-free copper:
  • M00б, С10100, Cu-OFE  and others
  • Chemical purity  99,99%
  • Electrical conductivity 101-102% IACS
  • RRR* ~ 200-250
* RRR - relative residual resistance, the attitude of resistance at 293К and 4.2К
( R293K/R4.2K )
Standards  of GOST 859-2001 (Russia)  and ASTM B170 (USA) are well-known standards and describe the list of controlled impurities, their maximal content and the maximal content of each of them.
Controlled impurities of these standards are the most difficult to remove and influencing the characteristics of copper used in critical and special areas. By classical manufacture separate results can be and above 99,99 %, but are guaranteed "not less than 99.99 %": to fulfill 99.99% according to these standards is not so simply.
CU 4N5 - 9N
Under these standards it is the extremely complex to reach result above  ~ 99,998 % (at correct calculation), at least, guaranteed or for one work cycle.  Therefore, often for Cu 4N5-5N and above, the manufacturer establishes the specifications describing the own list of elements  on which his purity is calculated  and sometimes rules how to count up them to find this purity (whereas 100 % - the sum of described controllable impurities is correctly). In some tasks is admissible to not consider some elements, but these moments should be distinguished. For example, in cryogenic tasks any impurity have influence,  some impurities have more influence, others less. Comments to Cu 5-9N are in section "Documents".
There are many offers of Cu 5N-9N on the market. Often they are not Cu 5N, and even not Cu 4N according ASTM B170 (USA). Cu 5N-9N measured under the reduced list of elements or with dodges of calculation  can have characteristics worse than even 3N5-7 (M0б, C10200) according ASTM B170. Also some catalogues  list copper  as “Cu 99.9999% trace metals basis". The resistivity of such “Cu 99.9999%” is listed as 1.673 μΩ*cm at 20C. In this case Electrical conductivity is only ~ 103.06% IACS.  Copper ~99.995-8 % in accordance with GOST 859-2001 and ASTM B170 can possess such conductivity. Some sources assert that for very pure "correct copper of 99.999%", the electrical conductivity is not less than  ~103.4-6% IACS and RRR >1000.
We have conducted preliminary research and experimental work. We have developed our own technology allowing us to predict, produce and supervise a chemical compound of purity 5N+ and above. The basic necessary equipment for our technology was designed and made by ourselves or according to our specifications and drafts.  We have received steady guaranteed results and have produced experimental product of the highest quality
Super Pure Oxygen-Free Copper in ingots.

Сharacteristics :

  • Chemical purity 99,9995 – 99,99999+ % (ASTM B170)
  • Electrical conductivity 104 – 105 % IACS
  • RRR > 1500 – 2000 – ... ?
  • Similar to monocrystal
Shape and Size of ingots :
  • ingots are close to cylinder
  • diameter of 85-95 mm
  • height/length of 100-150 mm (typical 120-130 mm).
Our products are not laboratory samples and we can offer not great lot  at a time and then discuss future deliveries.The product is unique in its characteristics and is probably the best or one of the best in the world in terms of its chemical purity and physical characteristics (Electrical and Thermal conductivity etc. ). More detailed information concerning our product you can see in other sections.
Sibneotech is producer of highly pure oxygen-free copper.
Copper is available in purities from 99.999+% to 99.9999+%.
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